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The Essentials Kit

Essentials Kit
You'll receive 6 thrilling Play-It-Now Tunes™ CDs:
  • Two Level 1 Songs
  • Two Level 2 Songs
  • Two Level 3 Songs

This provides the perfect variety whether you are a beginner or already have basic guitar knowledge.

Plus Bonus Gifts!

The Essentials Kits contain everything you need to learn to play hit songs; even with little or no guitar experience. The beauty of the Essentials Kits is that while you learn to play your favorite songs and Riffs, you are actually learning to play guitar; and having fun doing it.

Whether you begin with The Fundamentals, skip ahead to the Signature Riffs or jump right into a Play-It-Now Tune song lesson,you will experience the same superior easy-to-follow audio instructions found in The Complete Beginners Series.

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The Fundamentals CD Set
Bonus - The Fundamentals CD Set

The Fundamentals 2-disc set guides the beginner from learning the anatomy of the guitar to a working knowledge of picking, strumming, basic chords and rhythm that will provide you a solid musical foundation the skills necessary to begin playing your favorite songs.

Signature Riffs CD
Bonus - Signature Riffs CD

Lessons for 5 riffs from the popular songs:

Instructional Reference Chart
Instructional Reference Chart

The 8 full-color illustrations to greatly assist you in developing excellent guitar playing habits right from the start.

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