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Why are Play-It-Now Tunes all-audio guitar lessons so easy and effective?

With Play-It-Now Tunes, you are not distracted or frustrated with having to read sheet music, guitar tabs or use any complicated software. By eliminating all reading materials, your listening and playing skills which is what music is all about, will build much easier and more quickly.

Do I need any experience to learn to play guitar and hit songs with Play-It-Now Tunes?

No. All our guitar products, The Complete Beginners Series, The Essentials Kits and our Play-It-Now Tunes individual song lessons require no prior guitar experience. Just Listen, Learn and Play. It really is that simple.

What are the differences between The Complete Beginners Series, The Essentials Kits and Play-It-Now Tunes song lessons?

The Complete Beginners Series is a masterpiece of audio guitar instruction. It is a very comprehensive course, a structured curriculum and the easiest most effective and most fun way for everyone to learn to play guitar and hit songs. The Essentials Kits are geared toward guitar enthusiasts who want to begin playing songs and popular riffs immediately. With The Essentials Kits, you learn to play guitar while learning to play songs. There is much less emphasis on structured guitar instruction as found in The Complete Beginners Series and more emphasis on playing songs fast. Play-It-Now Tunes all-audio song lessons are exactly that. Lessons that will teach you to play the song, riff or solo of your choice.

Are there any requirements to learn to play guitar with the Play-It-Now Tunes all-audio method of instruction?

The only requirements are that an individual has the enthusiasm to learn, the dedication to practice, and the ability to follow simple verbal instructions.

Can I use an Acoustic or Electric Guitar when learning with the Complete Beginners Series or The Essentials Kits?


What type of guitar do you recommend?

Play-It-Now Tunes recommends you choose a guitar that will inspire you to want to pick it up everyday. It is most important to choose one that will hold a tune as very inexpensive guitars tend to go out of tune very easily.

What do I do if I run across a problem with any of the Play-It-Now Tunes all-audio instruction products?

You can write your question to info@playitnowtunes.com and you will either get an e-mail response or a phone call from one of our instructors.

What are the benefits of becoming a Backstage Pass Member?

How do I become a Member?

You can either Join for $9.99 or receive it free with the purchase of either the Complete Beginners Series or one of the Essentials Kits. You will then be given your own password to be able to login to the members site.

Do you have customer service?

Yes. Customer Service agents are available to assist you. Please call toll free 800-660-6850 Monday – Saturday between the hours of 8am – 6pm EST for assistance or write to info@playitnowtunes.com.

What is the difference between guitar tabs and Play-It-Now Tunes song lessons?

Play-It-Now Tunes are lessons, professionally crafted high-quality all-audio lessons that teach people to play the guitar and hit songs without the use of any reading materials. They teach. Tablature is just notation that you read.

Are there any other differences between guitar tabs and Play-It-Now Tunes song lessons?

With Play-It-Now Tunes, you get to hear if you are playing correctly because you are learning and playing with your instructor.
With Play-It-Now Tunes, you learn the correct fingering for notes and chords.
With Play-It-Now Tunes, you learn the length of the notes you are taught to play.
With Play-It-Now Tunes, you are taught the strumming patterns.
With Play-It-Now Tunes, the techniques in the song20are taught.
With Play-It-Now Tunes, you learn the rhythm.
With Play-It-Now Tunes, you have an instructor, a band, an experience!

What guitar part do you teach with your Play-It-Now Tunes song lessons?

Many songs have multiple guitar parts. With Play-It-Now Tunes individual song lessons, our instructors combine them to make one part so you can play the entire song. This is a common practice among musicians. Most of our Play-It-Now Tunes teach the rhythm part of a song, however, we do have a few Play-It-Now Tunes that teach the solos as well and we also have individual lessons for many iconic solos.

What is the Player's Workshop?

The Player's Workshop is a place for guitarists to go and learn various skills and techniques with our all-audio method of instruction. In addition, tuning notes and a metronome are provided. The Player's Workshop is only available to Members.

How often do you add new lessons?

We add new Play-It-Now Tunes lessons to our library every month.

When will my credit card be shipped?

Your credit card will be charged when the product is shipped?

What is your return policy?

  1. If for any reason you obtain a defective product, we will ship you another at our cost. All we ask is that you first send us back the original.
  2. If during the first 30 days from ordering any of our physical products you are not completely satisfied, simply send them back and you will receive a full refund. There is a 2 dollar re-stocking fee for each Play-It-Now Tune song lesson. For The Complete Beginners Series and The Essentials Kits, there is a 10 dollar restocking fee.
  3. There are only refunds on physical products shipped out. There are no refunds on downloads.

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