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"PLAY-IT-NOW TUNES has developed an innovative all-audio method of instruction that teaches guitarists to play their favorite songs. Individual guitar lessons for the greatest hits are delivered entirely on CD without use of reading materials or videos.  An expert instructor verbally guides the player's fingers through every note, chord, and strum of the song's primary guitar part, making it easy for everyone 20 to learn to play popular songs. A full-band accompaniment provides support, guidance, and a final play-along. This patent-pending all-audio approach is not only extraordinarily easy, but also entertaining and extremely effective."

Music Trades Magazine

"Hara, president of TalkingTabs, has developed an all-audio method of instruction that teaches consumers to learn guitar by listening only.  The company also produces Play-It-Now Tunes, which talks players through playing their favorite songs.  The music education products come on CD - there is no book or visual guide of any kind - and features instructors providing audio guides note-by-note, measure-by-measure.  Then comes a play-along section when the guitar part is learned.  The novel approach was inspired by Hara's son, Jared. Today Play-It-Now Tunes offers over 160 songs, the majority being classic rock tunes.  More are on the way, including the classic, "Stairway To Heaven". It's an idea so new it's old: so many players learned guitar by someone, usually a friend, talking them through it.  So the CD's do just that: talk the player through the intro, talk about what chord to play and how to play it ("first finger, second string, second fret...second finger, first string, third fret.") It all gets back to listening.  As someone said, this retro - going back to the way it was.  I guess it is!"

Musical Merchandise Review

Review of TalkingTabs - "BrainStew" as performed by Green Day

"Unlike many modern guitar instructional offerings, this disc offers no notation or tablature, no interactive graphical fret board interfaces, no video segments, and no software to install-and that's exactly what makes it cool. The whopping 44 audio tracks on this CD get you to do one thing: learn a Green Day tune using your ears, by listening to a guitar instructor clearly talk through and demonstrate every riff, chord, fingering, and rhythm required by the song. TalkingTabs has dozens of song lessons available at different skill levels, and the wonderfully old-school "see with your ears" teaching format is so effective that one would hope it will soon be applied to specific (and more advanced) playing approaches, not just hit songs. The voiceovers may, at times, come off too saccharine for some Green Day fans, as the voice of Barney might if the purple dinosaur were attempting to talk teenaged skate rats through gonzo street tricks. But, in an era when the unending barrage of digital "conveniences" we're offered sometimes only serves to make our lives more complicated, the TalkingTabs approach is a welcome one."

Jude Gold, Guitar Player Magazine
August 2008 Issue

"Talking Tabs is a refreshing product that embraces the age old technique of ear development.  It is a well-organized approach using today's technology, while teaching the musician to listen.  I believe it's a great product to enhance any teaching materials already embraced by guitar teachers.  It's nice that the people at Talking Tabs have reminded us that learning music is also study in sound."

Menzie Pittman, Director of Education Contemporary Music Center

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah bar the nerdy comic references aside, Talking Tabs is the perfect sidekick on one's journey learning guitar. TalkingTabs is an audio CD structure that not only teaches you a song on guitar, but also instills technical and basic understanding of the instrument. The lesson I chose was “Turn, Turn, Turn” by the Byrds. The lesson was graded a skill level of 2 which is moderately hard based on Talking Tabs' system. After the introduction, the whole song is played in its entirety, which was nice because it provided encouragement and an understanding of what the song should sound like. A tuning section comes next. The method is also established early on and it is really thorough. This section is the CD's legend of sorts, letting you know their designation for each finger and how to reference the fret board as they teach you chords and runs which is really important. What's more, every time the CD instructs you where to play a note, chord, or run it will play it back so you know what it sounds like. From there, the lesson plan effectively builds from simple rhythm sections concentrating on chords, first working to the harder guitar riffs or melody lines. At the conclusion of the lesson, a track is provided without the guitar parts for you to play with it. This is where you get to apply your learning and either sink or swim. Overall the structure is very effective, and offers a very complete lesson…If I had Talking Tabs when I first started, I would have had a substantial head start. One of the most important aspects you learn from Talking Tabs is song writing. An important skill I feel is ignored in regular guitar lessons. The way the lesson is structured is an excellent way to get a basic understanding of how a song works. Each section is broken up then applied back into the whole. It's a really nice dissected way to understanding song structure. Talking Tabs also provides a great start to basic ear training, which I feel is also ignored in traditional lessons."

Review by: Chris Sarvak
Date: September, 2008
Backstagemusician Review - Talking Tabs The Dick Grayson of Guitar lessons

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